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Industrail Training

6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training for B.Tech/MCA Students

Yora Infosystems, leading Software Development Company since 2009, provide six months/weeks Industrial Training to B.Tech and MCA Students, which is a part of their Graduate/Post Graduate Degree of Himachal Technical University or other Recognized Universities .

Admission for 6 Months/6 Weeks Live Project Industrial Training for May-July and May- December 2016 Batch is open, interested candidates may apply online to get them registered as soon as possible.

Does Industrial Training at Yora Infosystems make any difference?
Most students waste their precious time meant to get hand on experience on the latest technologies either joining Training Institutes or Non Software Development Companies. Before joining Six months/6 Weeks Industrial Training with any company, you must ensure the following:
If the company is a Software Development Company? If it is not, you will waste your six months and will rue your decision later.
If the company is providing training on live projects or dummy projects. Many companies claim to provide training on Live project whereas they are not actively into the field of Software Development.
If the project is live, will the company host your project online so that you can show it to the your perspective employer when you finally start giving interviews for your dream job.
If the company will put you into Software Development Department? Many students opt to join multi national or big companies but they are made to work in Customer Support, Technical Support, Marketing, Survey/Data collection departments etc.
What project the company is going to give you and will it help you learn the latest technologies.
Yora Infosystems will provide you an opportunity to work with the team of Software Developers, under the guidance of project managers. The training includes both class room training and once you learn the language and database, you will put on the project. Our core focus is to make the students well verse with the different cycles of Software Development and to provide them hand on experience on LIVE PROJECTS. Excellent performers will be absorbed in the company.
During the Six Months Training, Students will also go through special sessions on Career Guidance, How to face Interviews and Personality Development
At Yora Infosystems we train you for the following courses + many more !

Embedded systems refer to devices, instruments or large engineering structures/systems that are built to handle one or a few pre-established tasks. The computer controlling the whole thing is built into or ‘embedded’ within the device.Realizing the growth of embedded systems in day-to-day life and the need for trained manpower in this promising area, Yora Infosystems has launched a Embedded Systems Training for Engineers in computers, electronics and IT

Java is a high-level, third generation programming language, like C, Fortran, Smalltalk, Perl, and many others. You can use Java to write computer applications that crunch numbers, process words, play games, store data or do any of the thousands of other things computer software can do.Topics Covered: Java+ MySQL+ Linux + Personality Development + Freelancing websites training + Real Time Projects

This course shows you how to use the PHP scripting language and a web browser to access MySQL databases and tables. Simple and complex queries can be set up through a web page which calls a PHP script to carry out the enquiry. PHP can present the results of the query as a web page. PHP can also be used to provide a web interface to add, delete and edit rows of data in MySQL tables,PHP Flow Control,PHP Functions and much more.

Microsoft.NET is a set of Microsoft Software Technologies for connecting Information, Systems and Devices.The .NET framework helps in Enterprise Level Integration using Enterprise Servers.The Development Framework helps in building the solutions for cross-platform integration.The powerful GUI Development Environment supports integration of Web application and Web services using multiple languages