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Website Designing in Himachal

Desktop Application

Yora Infosystems Pvt. Ltd is a leading software development company in Himachal Pradesh. We, bring more then five years of experience in IT world.

The List of functional Areas provided by Yora Infosystems for the purpose of software developments are:

  • Industrial Sector: There are many industrial companies are going on in this overall world,the Yora Infosystems is providing the best solution to solve the problem regarding Inventory, Retailing, Manufacturing via the software development environment.

    • Inventory Management System
      An Application in a c#.net/asp.net to connect to sql database used as a desktop application.

      1-Real-time inventory tracking
      2-Barcode printing
      3-Machine/Date/Item/Amount wise Receive/Issue Reports
      4-Item images for easy reference
      5-Multilevel item categories
      6-Stock transfer
      7-Define automatic reorder points
  • Medical Sector: An Application in a C# or asp.Net to connect to a sql database used as a desktop application. The application for a medical office or reception.

    1- Login features for employees
    2- patient demographics
    3- patient history for notes purposes- pre-visits, etc..
    4- Patient monitoring time, it monitors how long the patient is been waiting to see the doctor, also how long patient sat with the doctor, upon patient arrival, front desk enter patient info, and then assigns it to doctor, and the clock starts counting, once patient enters to see the doctor, new clock starts, records are stored for reports up one requests, more features, such as graphical labels that will display the patient name with the clock incrementing. And once the patient is waiting more than 30 min, label starts blinking etc..
  • Educational Purpose: An Application in a C#.Net to connect to an sql database in a network environment, the application useful for a college management.

    1. This application will be a efficient for the purpose of desktop and web application both.
    2. The login facility for a concern person who can authorize to other.
    3. The security enabled process.
    4. Library Management Facility
    5. Fee Collection Process
    6. Dynamic web solution process
    7. Online program solution
    8. Student attendance process
    9. Guardians can take information about the student via online process
  • Social Media Purpose: An Application in a c# or, asp.net to connect to an sql database in a network environment, the application for a person who want to take a advice related to health.

    1-Preventive Health
    2-Medical opinion online
    4-Dietary monitoring
    5-Diet therapy
    7-Emtional bank account
    8-Neurofeedback therapy
    9-Biofeedback therapy
    10-Occupational therapy